“So, what do you kids think about moving?”
​ We were sitting in the sunroom upstairs. The bottom half of the walls were painted with an antique looking red (very pretty), and the top half was painted with a lavender look- alike color.

My two little sisters, Ivy Jade and Bryanna, both naturally prettier than me and practically identical twins (minus the age and size difference), looked at my mother. They were confused, skeptical. I could tell exactly what they were thinking. The look was in their faces, giving up their silent, unspoken thoughts. Is she speaking some odd language?… I must be dreaming…. Did she really just ask that?

I, however, must admit: I didn’t blame them. I was confused too. The only thing I wasn’t confused about that my was if she was speaking a different language. I already knew she couldn’t be speaking English. Not the kind that I know. I couldn’t truly be understanding her correctly.
Finally my mom explained to everyone. everyone except Daddy.
Daddy was in the living room watching Military Channel. I know he knew what we were talking about. He just didn’t want to hear it. I think he was dreading the final answer. He knew he would not be able to move with us. He knew, I knew it would be tears in the end. Everyone would miss everyone.
​Again, my sisters and were confused and wondering what my mom said. However, I (unlike them) wasn’t wondering IF she was speaking a different language, I was wondering What language she was speaking. Maybe she was speaking some sort of French: Von’s French. Whatever it was, it sure wasn’t english. She was not being serious. Was she?
My baby sister, Ivy Jade (Don’t call her Ivy. She’ll throw a fit. She’ll scream, “THATS NOT MY NAME!!!”) so loud the entire globe may need to learn sign language.) asked,” What about Daddy?” She was fighting tears. She was going to cry.
At that moment, everything slapped me. This was real, not a dream. Like Ivy Jade, I too was fighting tears. I was going to miss Daddy too.


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  1. Oh, this makes me sad that your family moved a part. You have an excellent voice in your writing, Mercedes. I especially love this line: “(Don’t call her Ivy. She’ll throw a fit. She’ll scream, “THATS NOT MY NAME!!!” so loud the entire globe may need to learn sign language.) Very crafty use of the parenthetical statement.

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